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1.Planning the education program:
    We plan the curriculum according to the curriculum standard, 
national security, national defense technique, theory of military 
affairs, battle history, study of arms, and the great sphere of military 
training and nursing.
2.Teaching practice:
    In order to refine military training education and the quality of 
instructors, we use the winter and summer holiday to practice 
teaching the curriculum, and discuss the curriculum with the 
essential officer group. 
3.Solidify the teaching materials:
    We're actively collecting every type of military affairs and nursing 
education materials, books, and audio-visual media in order to 
solidify our teaching materials. 
4.Strictly examining the education:
    With the teaching practice and review, we encourage the instructors 
to prepare the courses weekly and to use a good teaching method in 
order to improve the teaching quality. To the ones with low results, 
we give them guidance or encourage them to have an early demobilization 
and pursue other career. 
5.Counseling for reserve officer examination:
    In order to increase the university's reserve officer graduating students, 
we print and distribute the last 5 years examination questions for every 
subject, and request the related teachers to act as the course's counselor. 
    And also on the day of the examination, the selected instructors will go 
to different exam area to provide service. 
    We deal with the reserve officer examination matters with actual 


working experience.
6.Campus Security Incident Handling Procedure